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We know organising a party for a special occasion is stressful worrying about the quality of the party. Will the DJ play the right music? Will it look professional? These are questions you don't need to worry about when you choose 1997. We have a great team of DJs that all can provide your classic floor-filler tracks. Should you have any specific genre request, please let us know at time of booking so we can make sure we can cater for you and provide a specialist DJ if required.

According to Hitched the average couple in 2019 spent £1,005 on their Music/Entertainment. We offer a range a packages to suit any budget. Should you require a DJ, you should go for 3, 4 or 5 Star as these packages come with a DJ. Our 1 and 2 stars are do it yourself packages which are more suited to house and childrens parties. 

Once your booking is confirmed you can submit your playlist HERE.

Our Packages

All prices listed are excluding VAT.

Should you pick either a 3, 4 or 5 Star Package, haze will be included FREE of charge as long as the event space allows it. (This FREE addon cannot be exchange or has any monetary value)


From  £750

Five Stars

Our Five Star Package is the go to setup if you want a great lighting experience and the best quality sound including a DJ. 

Whats included;

  • Premium Sound System
    (Suitable for up to 200 guests)

  • 6 x Moving Lights

  • 2 x LED Washes

  • 8 x Battery Uplights

  • DJ

  • Lighting Technician

From  £700


Four Stars

Our Four Star Package is our most popular setup with a DJ, 'Club Style' Lighting and Sound with more bass for up to 5 hours.

Whats included;

  • High Quality Sound System
    (Suitable for up to 150 guests)

  • 4 x Moving Lights

  • 2 x LED Washes

  • DJ

From  £450


Three Stars

Our Three Star Package is the perfect starter package including a DJ, Lighting and Sound for up to 5 hours.


Whats included;

  • Basic Sound System
    (Suitable for up to 100 guests)

  • 2 x Effect Lights

  • 2 x LED Washes

  • DJ

From  £300

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Two Stars

This is our standard D.I.Y. package, great for medium parties or gatherings. 

Whats included;

  • Basic Sound System
    (Suitable for up to 100 guests)

  • 2 x Lighting FX Bars and Stands

  • Setup Instructions

From  £175

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One Star

This is our basic D.I.Y. package, great for small parties or gatherings.

Whats included;

  •  Compact Sound System 
    (Suitable for up to 40 guests)

  • Lighting FX Bar and Stand

  • Setup Instructions

From  £100

Our Extras

All prices listed are excluding VAT.

All extras need to be booked in advanced of the event

Confetti Blowers

From  £60

Confetti Blowers are a popular way to set off a surprise party, or to end an amazing evening or special dance. Launch showers of confetti that will be blown into mid-air!

Included in the price is 1kg of multicoloured confetti (other colours available on request) to be used at any time throughout the night. As this extra uses a fan based confetti cannon we can control it. More confetti available at an additional price

This Extra is available with the 3, 4 or 5 Star Package.

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Dancing on the Clouds

Dancing On The Clouds adds a romantic feel to dancing with your loved one. The low lying fog can create amazing wedding photographs – the kind of artistic images you would have blown up to adorn the walls of your home for years to come. The cloud is produced with the use of Dry Ice in a professional machine. There is no odor to the cloud unlike other fog machines. The fog stays few inches off the floor and never rises creating the effect of the cloud.

This Extra is available with the 3, 4 or 5 Star Package with the effect itself lasting up to 5 minute or the length of the first dance.

From  £175


Add an extra touch of elegance to your venue with this beautiful uplighting. Available in a range of colours to change the atmosphere of your wedding or event. Uplighting can be as simple as a feature wall, or a whole room. With 10 battery uplights and endless colour creations, no cables, no mess, no fuss!

From  £150

TV Screens.JPG

TV Screens

From £100

Our TV Screens Extra is used to enhance and add that “WOW” factor to any celebration. We utilize a broad range of multimedia such as Moving Monograms, Introductory/Love Story Videos, Family Slide Shows, Parent Dance Slideshow and/or Video Voice-overs, Ambient Video Display during dancing, Social Media Display, Photo Booth Image Display, and Zap Photos. 

This extra includes 2 TVs to be mounted to the truss podiums.

This Extra is available with the 3, 4 or 5 Star Package.

White Setup

From  £60

*4 and 5 Star Only*

White Cover for DJ Booth

White scrims on all podiums

Uplights in each podium

White Setup.JPG

Starlit Backdrop

From £150

Why not add a starlit backdrop to your event or wedding. 

We have both a black backdrop and white backdrop. Our white back drop is suitible for a wedding top table or to go with a white setup.

Evening Photography

From  £150

Everyone focuses on photographing the wedding ceremony, but the reception has many memories you'll never want to forget. Pick our Evening Photography Extra and you'll receive all a copy of each photo digitally. You will have the option to purchase printed photos and other merchandise like keyrings and canvases.

*If you add the TV Screens you'll get photos beng display on the screen during the evening.

Image by Vinicius Pittol
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Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are also a popular way to set off a surprise party, or to end an amazing evening or special dance.

Including 2 shots in silver metallic confetti (other colours available on request). These can be triggered individually, or for an extra wow, set them off at the same time! More shots available at an additional cost.

This Extra is available with the 3, 4 or 5 Star Package.

From  £60

Other Services

We have a range of others service, these include but are not limited to LED Dance Floors, Custom Gobo and LOVE Letters.

Contact us for details