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We Can 
Accomodate All Your Needs

The make or break of a successful event, no matter how large or small, can be the simplest detail of the right sound level, enough lighting or the correct digital signage. Either one or all of these elements will add professionalism and uniqueness to your event. Through offering full engineer support or a simple dry hire, we can accommodate all your needs. 

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No matter the size or scale of your event, we can provide small to large sound systems. We pride ourselves in using the latest FBT sound systems with a tour grade line array suitable for large scale, quality audio. For small scale events, we can provide smaller ‘plug-and-play’ systems which are more than adequate for the number of guests attending. 


We are proud to be one of the few companies in the area that take sound design seriously, able to build systems that can control spill and create an enjoyable experience for guests, wherever they are on the site. We also design systems with local residents in mind and can work with local authorities on your behalf to ensure all parties are happy.  


- Hosting a conference? We can provide you with a simple sound system and a collection of wireless microphones (with or without an engineer). 

- Having a BBQ? Small but powerful, we can provide a ‘plug-and-play’ sound system 


- Live music event? With full monitoring as well as scalable front of house options and an assortment of microphones and DI boxes for any instrument any instrument.


Aesthetics are everything, making the simplest of spaces become intricate and dimensional. We can bring architecture to life through simple solutions such as LED uplighters or provide full bespoke lighting. With the latest in LED technology, no longer do you need a ridiculous power supply (and the energy bill that comes with it) to make your venue unique. Not limited to stage work, we can also brighten up a dark pathway with festoon lights or add a bit of sparkle to your wedding using fairy lights. 


-Birthday on a budget? We can provide a couple of colour changing wash lights and effects lighting. Why not hire our ‘plug-and-play’ sound system too? 


-Organising a festival? Whether it’s stage lighting to make an immersive music performance, effect lighting to set the mood around the site or search lights pointing to the heavens, the sky quite literally is the limit. 

-Planning a corporate event? Let us change the feel of a boring conference room using LED up lighting. Need wireless mics too? We’ve got you covered. 

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From a simple TV screen to an LED video wall, digital viewing platforms play a paramount part in any modern event. Whether it’s signage/advertising or live video playback, we have you covered. 


We offer a start to finish product including artwork design or filming, to the final product being displayed to the public, 1997 can assist throughout. We can provide inside or outside projection to promote your product or business, or just for fun. 


-Want to show world sport? Call on us for promotion of any sporting event, large or small, inside or outside and at any venue.  


-Awards Ceremony? Formal or semi-formal, having your name up on the big screen will further enhance and honour your achievements. Any screen size, any venue, we can accommodate it all.  


-Buildings are boring, right? With the latest projection technology, we can turn a plain building front into a waterfall, castle ruins or even live stream on the outside, what’s going on inside.