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Logistics Is Key

When arranging an event of any size, logistics is key. We can cater to all aspects of an event site including event management plans, crews, generators, fencing, toilets, security and many things besides. 


Management & Consultation

Planning an event is a multifaceted task involving lots of paperwork and phone time to make sure everyone is in sync. Here at 1997 we put the leg work in for you, guaranteeing the perfect event every time. Event management plans, council consultation and risk assessments are but a few ways we can assist.



From a catwalk to a full stage-trailer, we can provide small modular staging systems or more intricate structures for indoor or outdoor use. This can also include set design or advertisement and or sponsorship placement. 

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Especially in remote areas, you will find yourself reliant on portable power. Generators can be used for purposes such as stalls, catering trucks, or the event in its entirety. Our generators are quiet running and very fuel efficient, and can include any power distribution, with cable management solutions, required to spread power across the whole event site.


Site Lighting

Very different to stage lighting, site lighting is essential for evening events from both a practical and health and safety perspective. This lighting typically has its own onboard power supply (small generator or battery) to ensure the site is safe at all times. 

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Emergency Tannoy

This helps in ticking off another health and safety box. With onboard power supplies, these can be used in any situation to assist the public in an emergency. These can also be used as a general announcement or information system – perfect for sports events where a large area needs to be covered. 



We make the hiring of your event toilet facilities hassle free, straight forward and we can calculate exactly how many of each type are needed. We can cover anything from a private gathering at home to upscaled public events. Mobile shower facilities, camping waste disposal and fresh water tanks can also be provided upon request. 

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Fencing | Crowd & Mojo Barriers

There are three main types of fencing with three specific purposes. Heras fencing is used predominantly around the perimeter of the event site and to section off internal areas. Crowd barriers are for controlling the flow of people entering, exiting or navigating. Mojo barriers are typically positioned along the front of a stage to stop the crowd getting on the stage and offer protection to equipment, performers and the public.


Big Tops | Gazebos | Marquees

We put a roof on it, whether it is for a specific area or to create a pop-up venue. Weddings to festivals, we can provide anything from a 3x3 meter gazebo to a 15,000-capacity big top circus style tent. All marquees are scalable in three metre increments with walkways and black out lining to fit even the most peculiar of spaces. 

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Event Staff | Security | First Aid

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We can provide stewards, event staff and managers to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. We also provide security for all events, from red carpet to door supervisors, our security team are all SIA trained to a high level and have years of experience. As well as security, we can provide Close Protection Officers and chauffeurs for VIPs.  

First aid staff take the worry out of your event should the worst happen, these can be individual medical staff attending your event, or a full ‘mobile hospital’ with ambulances working with the local emergency services. 

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