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What Corporate 
Service Can We Provide 

1997 Event Management always strives for maximum client satisfaction. Should you require a service that isn't listed on our website, please get in touch. We will happily to look into your request.

TV Screens

Adding our TV screens to your event will make delivering key points to your team a breezes. Alternatively you can them for brand re-enforcement.

19" to 80" screens available 


Staging helps the attendees see your speaker, presentation or award ceremonies.


If you want to your teams to get better connected you could have a party. We have many DJ Packages available. Ideal for seasonal events, and busniess related celebrations.

Technical Crew

You will have technical crew at your event. The crew are they to support you and your event.

This may include rehearsal of your event if needed.


Projections are best suited for big presentation or award ceremonies.


We a range of different microphones to best suit your event.


Our sound is unmatch in the market for the price. If you need to delivery an event to 10s or 1000s attendees, we will have you covered.


An easily overlook element of a conference, we have lots of different styles of lighting from standard face lighting or advanced light shows to capture the attention of your attendees.

Hold An Event

Corporate Event 21-04-22

survey conducted by BizBash and Seamless revealed that holiday parties conducted by companies generally improves office relationships. Specifically, the results show that 75% and 71% of the people surveyed noted strengthened office friendship and better office culture, respectively, after celebrating holiday parties. Moreover, 70% of the respondents also believe that such event helped improved team dynamic.

When your employees get along well with their workmates and colleagues, they develop a more positive attitude towards work. Carrying out their jobs becomes less stressful and more enjoyable. In fact, a recent Gallup study, reveal that work friendships increase employee satisfaction to as much as 50% and those who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged in what they do than those who do not.

All these facts simply mean that increased work friendships and employee morale will result in increased productivity, which will later be translated to increased productivity/profit.